Eyeball Disaster - August 22, 2015

We just wanted more than we could do on this one! Our idea was to do a gigantic eyeball... and it was more than our tar-paper forms could bear. They ripped open and we lost what we were working toward.


So, we dropped back for the punt, got the place for our words ready... and then had a massive failure. When the bottom part of the small eyeball calved off as well, we were frankly so tired and frustrated we just about gave up!!!


This was by far the hardest and least successful beach carving we've ever done! We still think our original idea would have been so cool... but we now know it could only be made with wooden forms, a team of 10, and perhaps a backhoe!


At any rate we did get to share the gospel... and that's the most important part of what we're out here to do. :-)