GALLERY - June 20, 2015

This month we promoted the movie Audacity by Living Waters. It addresses the subject of how Christians should interact with the world on the hot topic of homosexuality. It's well worth watching and also contains a through gospel message. It will be free to watch on YouTube beginning on August 19, 2015. If you'd like to see it before then, buy a copy to support Living Waters, get study guides for your church, or otherwise see how you can help... go to :-)

There were thousands of people on the pier that Saturday because there was a World Record attempt going on. Sixty-six people crammed together on one surfboard! This meant that many people saw the website and will prayerfully be impacted by the gospel.

Anna had a migraine most of the morning, but thanks to God's mercy, and the prayers of Christian friends, it finally abated.

Wording completed. We added color for the first time in one of our sculpts using a spray bottle filled with water and cherry Kool-aid mix.

Finishing up with sandy waves and a teeny lighthouse.

Anna's mom and uncle joined us.

Tired but happy!