Q. "Are you artists?"

A. Dale is a professional artist. He works in all kinds of mediums from pencil to acrylic to oils to digital artwork to three-dimensional motion graphics for television. You can see some of his work (or even purchase something - thank you) in his online store: Anna used to think she was kind of an artist... till she met Dale. Now she knows she's just a hack wannabe -- but she's not at all bitter. :-P

Q. "How long does it take?" or "How long have you been out here?"

A. We usually aim to arrive at the beach by 6:00 a.m., begin pound-up by 6:30 a.m., and finish the sculpt before noon. So far, our carvings have taken 6 to 7 hours to complete. But most of this time isn't spent sculpting; it's the back-taxing shoveling, hauling ocean water, tamping sand, and sweating!!! Whew!

Q. "Do you do sand sculpting for hire?"

A. Nope. Sorry. This is one of our family's ways of sharing our faith. But thanks for asking! :-)

Q. "What church do you go to?"

A. Most of the time what people really mean when they ask this is one of two things: either, "Are you some kind of religious kooks involved in some cult?" or, "Did your church make you come out here and do this?" Ummm... nope to both. If you were going to try to doctrinally pigeon-hole us we'd fall in the "reformed baptist-ish" category. Here are our ideas of some good churches in the area:  Crosspoint Baptist Church in Huntington Beach, Kindred Community Church in Anaheim, and Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. In general, we also love Calvary Chapels, which you will find in abundance all over Southern California! If you can't find a solidly biblical church in your area, try the Nine Marks website which will try to help you along the way.

We also adore Living Waters, the ministry of Ray Comfort, for it's unswerving commitment to teaching and encouraging Christians to be about the business of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ boldly and biblically.

Q. "How can I get started doing this?"

A. We purchased a set of sand tools and a how-to video from This is not an affiliate link... in other words, no one is paying us to put this link here. We just genuinely like the product, and you'll see us using the trademark bright yellow tools in every picture of us sculpting. Have fun! (We also recommend the book Sandcastles Made Simple by Lucinda Wierenga... it's a fantastic resource!)

Q. "What do your signs say?"

A. Ok. Actually we don't get asked the very much when we're at the beach... because people just walk up and read them. But since you can't see them clearly in most of our pictures, we wanted those who support us with prayer but aren't actually able to make it out to the beach to be able to read the whole sign. First, we WANT people to take pictures so that the websites get promoted on social media platforms.  That's the whole idea! Secondly, we want them to know we DON'T WANT THEIR MONEY! (Lots of "street performers" ask for tips and will actually get mad if you take pictures of them without dropping a little money in their hat, so we want to let people know that's NOT what we're out there about.) Finally, we put a succinct gospel message in case they don't have a camera and they're just jogging by to hit the waves.

Q. "Where can I find a really easy to understand gospel message on video?"

A. Oh, look... here's one now...